Experience is the best teacher.

While that is somewhat of a canned statement, the ideal holds true.  I have had the privilege of having well-rounded experiences in my lifetime, with educational opportunities, artistic adventures and influencers, and jobs in a variety of professional fields.


Being homeschooled from 4th grade all the way through high school taught me the importance of motivational learning and individualized instruction.  To learn, a student must have both internal AND external motivations to enjoy the acquisition of knowledge, persevere through the difficult topics, and engage in the practice of lifelong learning.

As a student at Valley Forge Christian College, I learned the importance of seeing the big picture  – looking beyond yourself and your own desires to contribute to the betterment of those around you, with Faith being the center of my worldview.

At Plymouth State University, I developed an appreciation for – and knowledge of – Technology and Music, the world of Education, and for the vision of blending the two fields into professional practice.  I graduated Summa Cum Laude with a B.S. in Childhood Studies (K-8 Education) and gained invaluable experience and understanding from the Music Technology program.


I have a great love and appreciation for the arts, instilled in me at an early age.  I am a musician (drums, percussion, and piano) and lover of music theory, with my goal being to use the skills that God gave me to encourage a deeper sense of faith, love, and communication with Him.  I’ve had experiences with multiple bands, ensembles, and groups in a variety of genres.  I enjoyed my time as a church music director and have played in outreaches at Hampton Beach and the Whittemore Center Arena. I currently serve on the worship team at Bethany Church.

I’m experimenting more with the infusion of technology and music – stayed tuned for related blog posts!

Professional Experiences

Working at Chick-Fil-A for nearly 6 years taught me more about customer service and business fundamentals than any of my other jobs.  I learned the value of preparation, the importance of multitasking well, the strength of a leader, and team dynamics, in addition to the practical business tasks of managing inventory, handling communication, working under pressure, and much more.

As a software trainer for Apple, I honed my technology skills and developed my my expertise, developing a passion to see students and adults succeed in the areas of technology, productivity, and personal achievement.  I had the pleasure of training a wide range of people, from corporations to small businesses, young families to grandparents, to fellow employees and corporate leaders.  I learned corporate structure, the value of communication, standardizing services and trainings, understanding and developing systems, and fine-tuned my teaching style and training preparation.

My role as a Technology Facilitator for Haverhill Public Schools is a perfect blend of my past experiences and current passions. As manager of the iSchool, an onsite, innovative training and resource center, I am responsible for implementing and maintaining inventory, computer/iPad imaging and management, software testing and implementation, online scheduling, event coordination and scheduling, customer interaction, workshop preparation and facilitation, media creation, website development and management, developing a student team (the “iTeam”), and social media communication.   I work daily with curriculum supervisors, department heads, teachers, and other faculty/staff to understand and discover ownership of their technology by helping them develop lesson plans, produce interactive curriculum, and enhance their daily productivity to maximize the educational experience for themselves, their staff, and their students.

SfM Studios

I am the proud owner of SfM Studios.  SfM Studios, founded in 2012, is a full-featured consultation and training company, offering everything a small business needs:

  • Develop customized, modern, responsive websites and deliver the training necessary to update and maintain it in-house, with zero website experience needed.
  • Deliver customized software trainings for individuals or teams in productivity applications, media creation, and office efficiency
  • Product recommendations and purchase assistance to offer solutions amidst the myriad of choices
  • On-site setup and technical support for Apple hardware and software to convert, upgrade, and keep your office running smoothly

Get in touch for a FREE consultation to see how we can help your business run smoother, more efficiently, and with an effective web presence.