Pain Can be a Good Thing


It’s not often I create a post just to share someone else’s thoughts (that’s what Twitter is for, right?), but one of my favorite authors wrote a piece recently that really spoke to me.

“…I’ve learned the only way life can actually get better is if I face reality, face my mistakes and liabilities and somehow correct or at least acknowledge them.” (full post here)

How true is it that very often our first reaction to mistakes and shortcomings is to place the blame on something, someone, or some circumstance rather that just simply acknowledge that yup, it was our fault.  In this age of self-esteem-driven, political-correctness, where the very semblance of having personal responsibility and realizing a philosophical truth is often looked upon as a sign of weakness or intolerance, let’s all just take a moment to self-reflect and realize that pain, hardships, and mistakes are a fact of life.  They are not there for us to throw around blame or cop an attitude about, but rather they provide an opportunity for growth of character, strengthening of personality, and positive human development.

Donald Miller is a writer, speaker, and mentor leader.  You can buy his books and follow his blog on his website or follow him on Twitter @donmilleris.

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