**UPDATE** Quicken Will Not Work with Lion? Time to Switch to iBank


Hi all…

I received a great heads up from the Marketing Director of IGG Software (@IGGSoftware) and I wanted to make sure everyone was clear on the process of moving your financial data into Lion.

In my previous post, I mentioned how, if you are currently a user of Quicken for Mac, that you would need to find another solution if you’re planning on upgrading to Mac OS X Lion.  I suggest moving away from Intuit altogether, to iBank.  Whether you make that decision to switch, or consider Quicken Essentials as your best choice, please note the following:

“BEFORE UPDATING TO MAC OS X 10.7 LION: users of all versions of Quicken for Mac (prior to Quicken Essentials) MUST export their data so that they may import it to new software, whether Essentials, iBank 4, or any other app.

Updating to Lion without extricating one’s Quicken data first will mean that it is trapped in an app that won’t launch.”

~Scott Marc Becker, Marketing Director of IGG Software

Thank you, Scott, for the extra clarification.  To be clear – please export and transition your financial data into Lion-compatible software BEFORE you upgrade to Mac OS X Lion.

7 Responses to "**UPDATE** Quicken Will Not Work with Lion? Time to Switch to iBank"
    • Wish I would have known this before I installed Lion. I received no email from Quicken to alert me like some people. I now have a file that can’t be retrieved. At least, I don’t know how to retrieve it.

      • Real sorry to hear that…any chance you have a recent Time Machine backup and a friend with Quicken who hasn’t upgraded yet?

        • I had the same thing happen to me. The only alternatives other than what has been listed is to get an external drive and load Leopard and run Quicken. Then do as you please if you are planning to convert to Ibank or other financials.

  1. I did the same thing because I did not know about this until I installed Lion. How does it work if you have a time machine back up?

    • Hi Lindsay…

      The only way I know how to do that is to borrow a friend’s computer who has Quicken and hasn’t upgraded to Lion, and restore the quicken data from your backup and convert the files so that you can use them in either the newer version of Quicken or iBank or something comparable.

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