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Don’t forget – any thoughts, opinions, and statements made in the following post do not in any way reflect those of Apple Inc. or its subsidiaries. They are of Brian Nagel alone – and he’s just a little guy.

I’ve had my iPad for a little over 2 months now. Prior to my most recent Apple purchase, here’s what my daily technology routine looked like:

– Check and respond to email
– Skim NetNewsWire for my RSS headlines, ensuring I clear out the “unread” badge before finishing.
– Browse headlines on
– Browse headlines on
– Check and update my budget (~three times per week)

All of this on my 4 year-old laptop. Efficient enough, yes, but the intrigue of the iPad hit me the moment it was announced back in the Spring. I’ve loved my iPhone for the simplistic fact that I touch the screen to perform my tasks, rather than using a trackpad or typing a handful of key combinations. There’s just something about the tactile approach to computing and technology that makes for an efficient and entertaining experience.

My main purpose for investing in an iPad was to effectively replace my above routine with a more efficient and friendly device. For anyone who has used an iOS device, we know that a well-designed App is so much more effective than a well-designed web page. The experience we get through quality Apps handily beats any web content consumed with a traditional mouse and keyboard.

The verdict?

I only use my laptop to manage media (CDs, Movies) and for keeping track of my budget (more on that to come soon!). Here’s my new routine, with my iPad:

– Check and respond to email
– Skim my RSS feeds with the Pulse RSS Reader, without the need to clear my unread badge counts (more on that to come, too!)
– Browse headlines with the USA Today App
– Visit and enjoy the full website, complete with video highlights, articles, and fantasy updates

It’s a faster experience than on my laptop.

It’s a more enjoyable experience than on my laptop.

I actually read more news because of the smoothness of the interface.

I even do most of my word processing and spreadsheet work on the iPad.

The portability of the iPad is fantastic.

I’m a guy who is as objective as they come, and I have come to the conclusion that this is quite the excellent first-generation device. It does everything I wanted it to, and has exceeded my expectations when it comes to the smoothness of my transition from a traditional laptop to a full-on touch-screen device.

A couple thoughts for those of you who might be looking at purchasing an iPad, or who have doubts as to why you’d want “a big iPod touch,” consider the following:

– You have to try it. It’s been said many times that you can’t knock something until you try it, and there’s nothing truer than with a touchscreen device. With the iPad, the first thing that struck me is the speed – something you can’t appreciate until you start browsing the web with it.
– You have to get a case. The ultra portability of the iPad necessitates some extra protection. I went with the DoDo Case (more on that later, too!)
– iPad native Apps are miles better than their iPhone counterparts.
– iOS 4.2 is going to make it that much more of a strong device, with multi-tasking, folders, unified inbox, and printer support.

Respond in the comments with anything I might’ve missed!

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